Thursday, January 10, 2008

What a Day!

I went to Weight Watchers on my lunch break. Then I went home to pick up some lunch. On my way to my house, I hit a curb, and got a flat. Adam told me to drive very slowly home, I was just a few blocks away. Well, then the tire came off the rim, so I parked it, and had to walk home in the rain. As I walked up to my house, I noticed that I had left the garage door open when I left that morning. When you leave your house do you ever get that feeling that you left the iron on, or the coffee pot. Well mine is the garage door. You can ask my kids, I am always going back to home to make sure that I closed it, and that no one is going to steal my dogs. Well, I had that feeling this morning, and I told myself "Angela, every time you have that feeling, you always go back home, and it's always closed". So I continued on my way, not thinking twice about it. So there I am looking at the open garage door. So i walked in the house, and grabbed a knife. I let the dogs out of there pen, and I walked from door to door making sure no one was there, and making sure that nothing was taken. Everything was OK. So when Adam got off, we got to change the tire in the rain. Needless to say I learned two things today.

1. If I ever have the feeling that I left the garage door open, I will go back and check.

2. Tire vs. curb, the curb will win!


cmwhitworth said...

I'm so sorry you had such a poo day! said...

Ha i've done the curb thing too..not so good!

Ada said...

Sorry to hear about your day, but no 2 got me laughing.

Have a wonderful day