Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Make sure you’re close to God so you know the crazy vision he’s given you is, in fact, from him and not that burrito you ate last night.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

My heart this morning.

Before we go to bed at night, I go in each of the boys rooms and we pray. I started to do this, so that they can learn how to pray. I have learned to pray by listening to others pray for me and listening to them pray for other people. I have seen my prayers change as my relationship grows with God.

As my relationship with God continues to grow, my prayer time is more intimate, it isn't a list of things I want from God, there is no other way to describe it other than it is a conversation with God.

Last night, I fell asleep before I could pray with the boys. Alex was sure to point this out to me this morning. He said that since we didn't pray together, he prayed by himself. He was having a hard time getting to sleep, and he said he prayed to God that he would give him a good night sleep. He said the next thing he knew, zzzzzz (he was making snoring sounds). I told him I was so proud of him for praying on his own. I explained to him that because he asked God to help him sleep, God answered his prayer.

I wonder if Alex would have prayed if I hadn't been praying with him, or if he didn't go to Children's Church were they pray with the kids. If he had never heard anyone pray, would he have prayed.

Along time ago, during a very difficult time, I heard someone ask someone very dear to me if they had been praying. Another person jumped in, and said, "he doesn't know how to pray." Can you imagine what that would do to a person. Would he think there was a right and wrong way to pray, would he now pray at all. There is power in words, and thankfully someone else stepped in. The person that asked if he had been praying explained that there is no wrong way to pray to God, you just talk to him.

When I was saved, and started to pray I didn't know I just had to talk with God. I thought there was a right and wrong way to pray, and if I didn't know how to do it, I just wouldn't do it at all. It wasn't until I heard others pray that I learned that they were just talking to God. I didn't have to learn how to pray, I just had to learn TO pray. I am still trying to get comfortable praying out loud with others. I pray with the boys, and as a family. Like I said, I am still growing. The boys have heard me pray, and they are learning to pray. I pray out loud with my boys and my family, and I am learning to pray for others.

My Blogs usually starts with one thing that has happened (like Alex praying on his own), and I think about it, and what God is trying to teach me. Threw this, I believe he has showed me that I need to pray for others. I have family who isn't in church, has never grown up in church, at NVMC, we have people coming everyday that do not have someone to pray for them, and they may feel like they don't know how to do it. They will learn from us, Just as I am learning.

One of my family members came to church this week, and said to me, "I felt a warmth in my heart tonight. I have never felt that before." I knew that that was God touching her heart, she didn't know what it was, she just knew it was amazing and that she had never felt that way before. What did he say last night, "Things have never been like they are right now!" They are coming people. People who are hurting, and feel alone, and have lost all hope. They need God, and we need to be there to help them, and encourage them when others tell them, "There is no God", and "he hasn't changed you". I am so ready, and there is nothing I love more than seeing God work in peoples lives. Are you ready?

Tomorrow, about this time...Somethings gonna change!

Friday, September 19, 2008

He has Us

To reach (our goal), we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it. But we must sail and not drift, not lie at anchor.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., physician

I think this applies to our walk with God also. At times it will seem easy, as if we are going with the wind. Along my sail with God, there have been those times were it was easy to believe in him, I could see him working in my life, and I could feel his presence. Then the wind turns, and you get a bad doctor report, or a friend or family member turns from God, you loose your job, or a tragedy happens in your family. I think in those times God tries to show us that he is there, but perhaps due to our Mentality we can't see it. Even if we can't see or feel that he is there, he is, and believing in that is Faith. Giving God the glory and not the enemy. The other day I was with a friend at the hospital, and another friend said God gets the Glory, not the enemy. And I thought, I have heard it a ton of times, but I had to be in the midst of something for it to hit me. The enemy doesn't have any power unless we give it to him. So we will rejoice in God, because he has us. We need to stay faithful, get in his word, (Sail and not Drift), don't lie at ancor.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Pastors

I can't honor Pastors and not mention another couple that means alot to Adam and I. Pastor David and Christel. The Vision that they have for NVMC has helped me and my family come to know God. Words can't describe how much I appreciate there support, encouragement and friendship.
The first time me and Adam came to NVMC as a couple Pastor came in the back before we left and introduced himself, and gave us some NVMC t-shirts. We were then a small church of alittle over 100 and you knew when visitors were in the house.

There are so many memories that stick out into my head that remind me of the love and kindness showed to me and my family.

Before my dad started to come to NVMC he was having alot of back trouble and had to have another surgery. Pastor David, Pastor Luke and Pastor Randy came up to the hospital and prayed with my father and sat with my family for the surgery. They really cared.

When I volunteered in the office, if Pastor saw me stuffing visitor bags he would stop in and ask how everything was going. He genuinely cares out the people of NVMC.

Those are a just few of the things that impacting the heart of my family.

I want to thank Pastor David for reaching out to Adam, and my family and being a great friend to him. Thank you Pastor for caring about me and my family just as I know you are about everyone at NVMC. Thanks for everything you have done for us, and just know that words cannot express the gratitude we have for everything you all have done.
I want to thank Pastor Christel for being a great example to the wives at NVMC, and for the women and NVMC. You have such a warm heart. Thanks for always taking the time that you do to share and encouraging word. You are a strong women of God, and I thank him for putting you in our life. (some one has to make sure David doesn't take Rocky and Scooby to the pound). lol Seriously thank you for all you do, it really doesn't go unnoticed.

Thank you both for being great friends, and for not being afraid to shake things up alittle bit.

Celebrate NVMC.tv Pastoral Staff Blog Day

Today I want to honor the Children’s Pastors at NVMC.tv, Demetric and Jennifer Norwood. Jennifer(Jenn) and Demetric (Dee) are not only the children’s pastors at NVMC.tv, they are also very dear friends to Adam and me. Adam and I first meet Demetric about 2 years ago at the College and Career Scavenger Hunt.

My first thought of him was that this guy is too friendly. Lol. He looked like he was going to Alaska with his ear warmers. Dee and Adam get along really good and have a lot in common, so do Jenn and I. I met Jenn at the Impacting the Heart of the City Conference. Jenn and Dee are from Texas (hence the reason for the ear warmers in October). Dee was here on business when he stumbled on NVMC. He was on his way to another church, but was running late, and decided to stop in and check out NVMC because he had seen Pastor on tv. Dee says that from the moment he walked in the door he knew this was his church home. Can you imagine your husband calling you from half way across the US, and saying, “honey we are moving to Kentucky”. Lol. Well he did, and they soon relocated to Kentucky.

Over time Jenn and Dee have become very good friends to us. Not too long after we meet and started to get to know each other Jenn and Dee took the role of Ministering to the Kids of NVMC. They really get on the same level as the kids and have fun teaching them about God, and they have a passion for it. They are encouragers not only to the kids but also to their friends, and anyone they come in contact with. They have a level of integrity that as there friends we see in their everyday life. I see them as a couple that not only teaches the word but lives by it as well.

Adam and I are so blessed to have Dee and Jenn as our friends and as our children’s Pastors. I see a change in my kids. This past Sunday Alex was telling us that they learned about “changing your mind”. The kids are learning about Mentality just like we are in “big” church. As a family we are learning and growing together because of great leaders at NVMC who are passionate about teaching us Gods word.

A few funny things...
Thanks to Jenn, on occasion, I sound like I am from Texas. I have discovered that Texans pronounce there I's alittle different than us folks from Tucky!

For the longest time Dee thought I was hispanic..which was kindof funny cause I am mostly Irish. A big difference. lol. But I wasn't complaining since Adam is Puerto Rican and the boys take after him, maybe I don't stick out like a sore thumb with my husband and sons.

I asked Alex if he had anything to say to his Pastors. He said that he has fun with you all. I think that is a great compliment.

I want to thank Jenn and Dee for being great friends. For being there for us, and having fun with us, and for helping us teach our kids the word of God.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where were you?

It was a Tuesday, my first day back to work from maternity leave. I was working when we got a phone call saying that a plane had just crashed into the World Trade Center. We keep a small TV in the lab, so we pulled it out and I remember seeing the second plane hit. When we found out that it was terrorism, I just wanted to be with my family. We kept the TV on all day as we worked, and I will never forget those images. The scary part was that it kept happening, one attack after another, and you were on the edge of your seat praying there wouldn't be anymore. We kept Little Adam away from the TV, because he was too young to know what was going one. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law lived in DC, and my brother-in-law worked for the government and we didn't know were he was working that day. We called our loved ones, and were releaved to know they were ok. There were so many other families, thousands who didnt' feel relief that day. There heart ached, and my heart went out to them. Someone discribed it well, "it was like time stopped that day". Everything stood still. The people sitting infront of the TV's, and the sky was empty. So today I remember 9/11, and all those effected, and pray for comfort, and healing.


Ok, so I have to brag on my husband because he is an amazing man.

The other day when we got home from church, he looked at me and said, "I want to tell the boys the scripture that Pastor talked about today. About how God didn't give us the spirit of fear, but of Power, and love, and of a sound mind." He explained how this can help them when they are scared to know that God didn't make us to be afraid. It makes me love him more and more everytime I hear him talk about God, when he reminds me of Gods word, and teaches our kids about God. Adam is an amazing husband and father, and I am so thankful for were God has brought us as a family and as a couple. I am thankful to the Men of New Vision for not being afraid to be real and for showing other Men how to embrace God and live his word.

NVMC, I love you guys!!

New Gadget

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He can't have my testimony

Sunday, along with my family, we shared our testimony with NVMC.

I know that God has truly done great works in my and my family. I know that he has truely blessed us. When we were first asked to share, I was excited to get the oppurunity to share what God has done, because I know it was all God. As the day got closer, the nerves started to settle in. I get really nervous in front of alot of people, and NVMC, ya'll are alot of people. :o) Amen. As I was talking with my family about Sunday and what we might be asked, I started to think, can our testimony do anything, can it really touch anyone. I soon realized that it was the enemy trying to take my testimony. He was trying to put doubt in my mind and tried to dirstract me. As soon as I realized this, I started to pray. I wasn't going to think about what might be asked, I wasn't going to worry if I would have the words, I prayed that God would gaurd my mind from the attacks of the enemy, and that God would give me the words that he knew others needed to hear.

As I stood in service Sunday as we worshipped him, I felt his presence. I knew that he would give me the words that I needed. I looked up and saw my parents walk to the alter for prayer, and I started crying because here they were again, depending on God. My husband put his arm around me, and I remembered, we are in this together. My mind was overwhelmed, in a good way. I felt all the emotions agian and was reminded of the feeling when my son was baptized, when I redeticated my life, when me and my husband responded to my first alter call together, when my father was healed, and my family joined the church, when my father was baptized, the first time we prayed as a family, when I heard my husband minister to my son. God is good, and all that has happened because of God.

I want to speak to those of you who are praying for your family and friends. Never give up. No matter where they are at, God can do all things. He is trying to use you, so move out of the way and let him. Let your family and friends see the love that you have because of God. Don't give up.

We are so blessed that he brought us to NVMC. Having been rejected by another church, God showed me that that is not what it is about. It is not about Rejection, or pointing fingers. It is about Love, Acceptance and forgiveness. This is what NVMC strives to give, That is what can reach people, That is what reached my family.