Thursday, January 3, 2008

I won!

I just got a call that I won the GE Profile Free-Standing Double Oven. I am so excited.

Here is the email announcement.

Congratulations To Angela Rivera, Winner Of The Free-Standing Double Oven Brand Ambassador Incentive Program!

Congratulations are in order for Angela Rivera, who recently won the Free-Standing Double Oven Brand Ambassador Incentive Program. In recognition of her outstanding “bzzing achievement,” Angela will be receiving a GE Profile™ Free-Standing Double Oven from the GE Store.

Here are the final totals from the top five participants:
1. Angela Rivera – 344 points
2. Alison Greene – 276 points
3. Anna Bowling – 78 points
4. Tina Kirkland – 77 points
5. Michael Racculia – 67 points

Thanks to everyone for your bzzing efforts! We’ve seen some great results from this pilot program and look forward to sharing them with you later this month.

Thanks for the bzz.
The Brand Ambassador Team


Anonymous said...

I expect you to prepare a meal for ADAM just like the one in the picture

congrats....FAVOR BABY

Pastor David

Kelley said...

Ain't winning the BEST!!!!

cmwhitworth said...

YEAH! Congrats! That will look great with Adam standing in front cooking you a great meal. :) said...

Wow that's awesome, I heard about that on the news...and thought to myself..hmm i bet a person who doesn't cook won it..ha...well i'mm glad to see won it....I hate when people win stuff that doesn't need it..:)