Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Key West

Ok, so Key West was awesome. I don't even know were to begin. First of all, I can't think of anyone else who I would have rather gone with, Stac, I had a blast with you, and the best part of the trip was going with you. I know I said the Para sailing was, but it was really going with you, lol. There is just something about going on a trip with a friend. This was a first for me, along with many other first on this trip.

We stayed in a bed and breakfast, and I would stay there again. It had that Key West feel. We went snorkeling (I had alittle anxiety), para sailing, kayaking, swam in the middle of the ocean (alot of anxiety on that one, just ask Stac), and did Jet ski's. That was our Ultimate Adventure, and it was awesome. Here are some pics, more to come. We spent one day at the beach, we did alot of walking, and shopping, and bike riding (the way to get around Key West), and laughing, and sunbathing. It was a blast. We also got tattoo's (yes, that is plural mom). I can't put it in words, it was just awesome. Enjoy the Pics.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ashley is on a roll!

Me: "what day do you have tutoring at school."
Ashley: "I dont know, all I know is there is 5 days in a week, and I just hope the last one comes soon."


Alex says..."I think I'm going to wait until I'm 10 to get advertised."
He meant baptized. LOL

Ashley says...
"Mom, will you take me to target to get some of my pictures printed off my digital camera?"
Mom: "Ashley, you have to plan things like that, you can't just run all the time."
Ashley: "but mom, I've been thinking about it in my head all day."
Mom: "that doesn't count as planning."