Thursday, April 30, 2009

It is FINALLY here

OK, it's here, and I know some of you are sick of hearing about it, but in less than 24 hours, I will be on a plane headed to Key West for Vacation. I am so excited. This is a first for me, and a vacation full of firsts. This is my first Vacation without Adam and the boys, I am sure I will miss them like crazy, but I am looking forward to the girl time with my Bestie. My vacation will be full of Sun, Sand, Water, Sunscreen, Wild Chickens (it's illegal to kill chickens in Key West), snorkeling, parasailing, shopping, and good food. I will be blogging about my trip while I am gone, so check back to see pictures and hear about my adventures.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Funny Randomness

So yesterday Little Adam asked me which anniversary I think will be our best. I said probably our 50th, because you guys can throw us a big fat anniversary party. Alex says, "yeah mom, cause you and dad will be real old, I mean real old!"

If you have a weak stomach, don't read this. I have boys, so this stuff doesn't bother me.
We had Moe's for dinner the other night. When we got home, Alex has to use the restroom. Adam and I are in our room, and Alex is narrating from the restroom, "here comes the taco"! LOL sorry, couldn't resist.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today Adam and I celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary. 7 years ago on a rainy day in April, we pledged to love one another forever in front of our family and friends. This was a very emotional day because it was a long time coming. Adam and I meet in high school, and had our first son within a year of meeting. We were engaged twice. The first time, I think we got engaged because it was what was expected of us. We had been together since High School, we had a child, and it was the next step, in an out of order sequence of steps for us to take. We were so young and had alot of learning, and growing up to-do. We made our share of mistakes, and we did grow up, and we just so happened to do it together. We had one thing that held us together stronger than anything, and that was Little Adam. Adam was bound and determined to be there in his sons life. To be honest, I really didn't want to be one of those couples who got married because it was what we had to do, so that is why there were two engagements. The second one happened because it was right for us. We got married not because of a sequence of events that lead to it, but because we were ready to stand before our family, friends and God, and really mean the words that we spoke. The whole day itself was a bit of a blur. I have pictures that bring back the memories. I remember how cute Little Adam looked in his Tuxedo that was exactly the same as Adam's. I remember how much Adam embarrassed me when he did his little dance before the garter toss, it was priceless. I remember my cousin who was in the wedding, showing up with a black eye, again priceless, but that didn't matter to me, because he was there. I remember how it felt to have our two families separated my hundreds of miles, come together and celebrate with us. I remember dancing with my dad. I remember the blend of Hip Hop, Country and Latin music that entertained us at the reception. It was one day that represented us. There were 6 years of us before, and many years of us to come after, but that one day was about us. Happy Anniversary Babe.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just some funny things my kids say...

OK, so last night me and the boys were coming home from dinner after Church. Adam was home in bed by this time, and we went to one of his favorite restaurant, so I wanted to take him home some rolls. Now don't think he was getting the wrong end of the deal, he loves the rolls. So we are walking to the car, and Alex was carrying the box. He drops it, the box opens and the rolls all land on the ground. As I was picking them up, Alex said, "since it's April fools can we put them in the box and daddy can still eat them?".

So on the way home Little Adam was telling me about his bet with his Dad. I guess it could be labeled as bribery, Yes, we bribe our kids! Last year Little Adam was known as 'Walkman' on his baseball team, because he has a great eye, and he always walks. So this year Adam tried to give him incentive to hit the ball. Adam told him if he has more than two hits that he will buy him the new Halo game. So Alex chimes in and says he is going to tell dad that if he gets more than 3 hits that we have to buy him an iPhone. Lol. Yeah. Alex is really working us to get him an iPhone. Little Adam bought one with his own money, and it is killing Alex that he is the only one in the family that doesn't have one. I told that wasn't going to happen. So he said, "Well, I will just have to use the puppy dog face on Dad." Little Adam said, "Alex, Dad is puppy dog face proof, it doesn't work on him like it does mom!"