Thursday, January 17, 2008


My sister and Adrian are in Tampa, Florida looking at apartments, and have job interviews. This really hit me the other day that she is leaving. I guess I just didn't think she was leaving. I thought something would happen, and they would stay. But as we are just two weeks away from moving day, it has become a reality for me.

The love my sister and I share are like no other. We don't have to tell each other how we feel, we both know. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't express how we feel more often. Lord knows I am an emotional person. No mater what I bring to her, she always has a since of reason. She always has the right words, and never judges me. This isn't going to change by her moving, because she is always a phone call away, but there is something about physically seeing someone. I am going to take advantage of these next two weeks, and spend time with her, and the girls, (and I guess Adrian too ;o)
Here is a pic from when we were kids, on a family vacation in Tampa, Florida.


Krystel said...

I know how you bestfriend Jonell is getting ready to move to Texas in Feb. she's not my sis by just like it! We have been bf's for over 15 years, and I hate that she's leaving! I've been trying to spend as much time as I can with her until she leaves...Plus another friend of mine left last must be in tha move to Texas

Mandee said...

My sis is in Tampa also, so are my parents.. I can see serious car-pooling adventures in our future!!

Angela Rivera said...

Mandee, that would be fun!! I am up for that. I will be visiting Tampa alot.