Friday, November 30, 2007


Last night we stopped by my Parents house. I was in the bathroom with my mom straightening her hair, when Alex walked in telling us that he washed all the dishes in the sink. No one asked him to do it, he just went into the kitchen and started doing dishes. My mom said, you did! (Very encouraging) Did someone run the water for you so you could rinse them off? ... He said No, I didn't need any water, they were all ready wet, so I just used a towel, and they are on the counter ready for you to put up!

We were cracking up, because they were sitting in the sink water ready to be washed. so my mom told him what a great job he did, and to leave them on the counter so she could put them away, so he didn't hurt himself, (so she could rewash them and put them up.)

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Kelley said...

What a helpful little guy! That is so cute!