Monday, December 3, 2007

What a Weekend!

Were do i begin. We found out Thursday that Adam's aunt Rosa passed away Wednesday, so we left for Chicago Friday morning. Rosa is Adam's mom's sister.

Visitation was Friday, and we got so see family that we haven't seen since our wedding, and others it was longer than that. Adam saw family that he hasn't seen since he was a baby, they remembered him in diapers. He saw cousins he grew up with . Rosa had two children, Rosie, and Frankie. They are both wonderful people. Rosie has the biggest heart. Rosie is a police dispatcher in Chicago, and the police and her co-workes came out in pull force to show there love and support. It was overwhelming. A pastor spoke at the visitation. He kept it real, and reminded me of my pastor. He prayed for comfort for the family, and said he didn't need to pray for Rosa because he knows were she is. He wanted to share the truth, and said that Rosa now knows the truth. He said that Rosa knew her family loves her, and that God loves her. But it's not until now that she knows the depth of her families love for her, or the depth of her heavenly fathers love for her.

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After the funeral on Saturday the police and Rosie's co-workers put together a dinner for the family and friends. Again, it was so wonderful of them to do that. The family got to spend time together before everyone headed on there seperate ways with plans to keep in touch better in the future. Right before we left, it started snowing, so the kids were so excited. We let them play in the snow while we packed the car for our 5 hour ride back to Louisville.

We left Chicago at 2pm. 2 hours later we had made it 50 miles, when the snow turned to ice. We came to a stop on I-65, and sat for 4 hours. It took us 11 hours to get home. The map shows our 2 hour journey, and we stopped near Merriville for 4 hours.

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