Thursday, November 15, 2007

Married with Children

Finally after almost 12 years it has sunk in.... My husband looked at me yesturday and said...your my wife.....and we have kids...

Well honey, I am glad that you finally realized that.

He is goofy, but I know what he means. Do you ever just sit and it hits you, who you are, were you are, and think back to a time that you couldn't have imagined that you would be here, now, married with children. There are times I look at my husband and think, I can't believe it. He is my husband, I am so blessed to have him, and he is Hot! I look at our children, these amazing little people that came from us, they are a special gift. God really does amaze me. God made them from us. They work, like they function, there organs are inside working away, there minds are learning and growing, there soul, what can I say, they are amazing. it is just overwhelming sometimes to think how we came to be, were we came from, to look at how God brought us to were we are. I have to warn you, I can get really deep sometimes, and end up not even knowing what I am thinking about.


Heather Corbett said...

Hey Angela! I know what you mean. Danny and I just celebrated our 15th anniversary on Wednesday! There's NO WAY we're that old! We just got married when we were 10! And as far as these amazing little people that God gave us! WOW! They're so sweet I could eat them with a spoon! Heather Corbett

cmwhitworth said...

I totally agree! Live does just "hit you"...sitting on the sofa today I started crying thinking...We are REALLY going to be parents. Some little person will depend on us for everything. You know, that's a lot more work than a couple of dogs.