Saturday, November 17, 2007

Black Friday

It is a tradition that me, my mom and my sisters go shopping the day after Thanksgiving (AKA Black Friday). I do not go out of town on Thanksgiving so that I can go shopping. We have it down to a science. We are up at 2am, and on the move at 3am. The earliest sales start at 5am, so we have to get there to be ready. I look forward to this, and I so ready this year. We save a lot of money, and I have been really good these past two years budgeting. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have an addiction. No, not chocolate. Not Coffee either, well I guess I have more than one. Shopping. Black Friday is the worst place to be when you are addiction to shopping or are an impulse shopper. Me and Adam have recently gone on a serious budget, we are on a mission to get out of Debt. So this year I will have my budget with me, and I will stick to it! I have already seen the ads, and know what I need, and I am ready to run, and stand in long lines, and squeeze threw the crowded Toy Dept, but more than anything I am ready for another Black Friday with my mom and sisters. We work as a team to get what we all need, and it's just something we do. After Thanksgiving dinner we will pull out our ads, and map out our strategy. One day I will video my Black Friday Adventure.

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