Monday, June 2, 2008

Great Weekend

We had a great Weekend, with a few speed-bumps.

Thursday -
We left for Lake Rudolph Campground at Holiday World. We had the car packed and ready to pull out of the drive way, when the power went out to the whole neighborhood. So we closed the garage door manually, and headed on our way,Hoping the power would come back on soon. We arrived at the campground, got unpacked, and hung out with our family and some friends. We drove around the campground on golf carts, played cards, ate smores, and just relaxed.

Friday -
We woke to a country style breakfast, that was fantastic. Kuddo's to the chef!! Then it was time for roller coasters, and the water park at Holiday World. Alexander got to ride all the rides. His first roller coaster was The Legend. Holiday World was awesome to say the least. We rode rides, then spent the rest of the day at the water park. After the water park we wanted to ride The Voyage which is the #1 wooden roller coaster. The cars were stuck, so we walked all the way to the front of the park when my sister called, and said the ride was back open. My dad said what the hey, I'm going to ride it. So we walked back to the back of the park to ride The Voyage. Alex even rode it. It was the best roller coaster. The guys rode it again, then it was back to the campground for dinner. We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out, and riding around on the golf carts.

Saturday - It was time to pack up and go home. As we packed up, Adam took the boys fishing. Everyone else left, and I waited for Adam to pack the car. After a little while I decided to pack the car up. I planned on driving up to the lake and picking them up, when I realized Adam had the car keys. So I waited. When Adam and the boys got back, he was very appreciative that I packed the car. So we were on the road, really not ready to go home. As we were driving along the interstate, a car passed us and were pointing at our hood. We had tied the fishing poles to the hood. So we pulled over, and checked. Everything was OK. We pulled off, and see the car that motioned to us stop aways ahead of us. Obviously they were trying to tell us something. So I got out and checked, and one of the fishing lines had come loose, and was dragging behind us. There is no telling how far behind us the hook was, so we cut the line, and headed home.

We got home just in time to unpack the car, and head to a Benefit Softball game against WAMZ. When Adam was in the outfield, he got hit in the knee with a ball, and come to find out, it was severely bruised, and he has to stay off of it for a week.

The rest of Saturday and Sunday we were worn out.

We went to my mom and Dad's after church to swim and my mom grilled out a pork loin that was yummy.

Over the course of the weekend, we found 6 ticks on us. Creeped me totally out. I know they are bugs, but they suck your blood. And they have diseases. Yuck. Two of them looked like freckles. So I have been so paranoid all weekend. They say ticks are bad this year, so make sure you check regularly if you are outside near trees or tall grass.

The weekend was great, and we had a blast with our family and friends. Can't wait to go back.

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cmwhitworth said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.