Monday, June 9, 2008

I am on a mission!

I am on a mission to get organized. I am starting today, to implement steps to organize my everyday events, my house, my kids, and myself. My oldest son had some trouble this year in school being organized. I was online searching for some ideas to help him get organized, when I ready a comment a mom made. She basically said it was her inconsistencies that were rubbing off on him.

Light bulb!!

My son is learning this from me. I need to work on organizing our daily routines, so that my kids can learn by example. So I am on a mission. I am going to start with baby steps. I found a website RealSimple and Flylady which I have visited in the past that I am going to put to use. Here we go.

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cmwhitworth said...

Good Luck! I need to get organized too but I procrastinate to much ~ maybe tomorrow. :)