Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pets and Owners

Technically Trinidad is Little Adam's Dog, and Laila is Alexander's Dog. If you know my boys at all, you will know that they are totally different, just like our dogs are. I was thinking about this when I realized that Trinidad takes after Adam's personality and Laila takes after Alex's personality.

Adam and Trinidad are very laid back, and mellow. They both kindof go with the flow. Adam doesn't say much, but his personality is very strong. Trinidad has a strong pressence, and never barked until we got Laila, and she taught him how too.

Alex and Laila are always on the move, and they both create the flow more than go with the flow. Alex always has something to say, and alot of it. And Liala, well, she has a big mouth as well.

Some friends of ours have two of Laila and Trinidads puppies. They both have two different personalities also. The other day our friend said, "I don't understand how two dogs from the same litter can have two totally different personalties." I would have to agree, but as I pondered how Laila and Trinidad take after the boys, I wonder if our friends furry companions take after our friends personalities as well. One of the puppies is really laid back, he listens to everything thing you say and is very well behaved. The other pup is, well lets just say he is a very spirited Dog, and maybe just a tad hard headed. They are both cutie pies, and I just love them to pieces.

Anyway, that is what is gong threw this mind of mine this morning.

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did u read my blog about pets and their owners a few days ago?

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