Thursday, June 12, 2008

Special Email

I was blessed to get an email today from someone I haven't talked to in a while. As I read the email I got a little chocked up. Sometimes our lives take different paths, and things happen that cause us to loose touch. This person is someone very special to me and Adam. He has known Adam since he was a kid, and was there when Adam and I meet, and had little Adam. In the email he wrote...I am very proud of you both; seeing how you've grown to be such wonderful people and loving parents amid many obstacles - seeing how you have embraced God and made him an important part of your life and believing through Him all things are possible - Keep up the good work! He keeps up with my blog to see how we are doing and to see pictures. I had to Blog about it, because it was the highlight of my day. Not that he gave us a pat on the back for how far we have come, but because he saw us as teenagers wondering how we would raise a child, and how we would provide for a child, and wondering if we would stay together. He saw us threw life events, like loosing Adam's Mom, and Adam's car accident. He saw us then, and sees how far we have come now, and God gets all the glory. I believe God places people in our lives for a reason. It may be for a season it maybe for a lifetime. Those people impact who we are, and how we turn out. It is a reflection of who they are as well. That they impacted our lives in a certain way that we become the people we are today.

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