Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation Day 1

Last week we went to Panama City Beach, Fl for a last minute vacation. We kept trying to think of a low budget vacation due to the rising gas prices. We looked at several destinations including Chicago, Washington D.C, and Gatlinburg, but we really wanted to go to the beach. So we found a simple hotel right on the beach for 4 nights. We left for our Vacation Sunday after church, and stopped in Birmigham, AL for the night. We weren't looking for luxury, and we didn't find it. Our hotel was a place to lay our heads at night, but it wasn't anything to write home about. lol. But we did get continental breakfast with our hotel stay. We found alittle BBQ spot for dinner and the kids were our entertainment. At one point Alex gets up from the table, says I'll be back (I follow him). He walks outside to fart and then walks back in. As we headed back to the hotel, we notice a Club attached to our hotel. Looks like party central. But at least we get continental breakfast with our hotel stay. So we wake the next morning to get back on the road again, we pack the car up and go to each our continental breakfast before we leave. We saw a sign that said Continental Breakfast served Tuesday-Sunday. It was Monday. We just laughed and headed to Burger King for a yummy breakfast. We stopped at the Alabama Rest Area to stretch our legs, and they had some fun stuff for the boys to look at. We had a detour in Alabama that took us about 1 hour out of the way. I love the scenic drive threw Alabama. There are old homes on the side of the road, and small towns that take you back in time. I love being on the road. All joking aside..there is something about being away from home that take all your cares away. We spent time as a family, at the bad hotel, and on the 1 hour detour, and in the long car ride, we were together.

Coming Soon...We arrive at the beach.

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