Friday, February 1, 2008

You all are probably tired to hear about me missing my sister, but that is what I am dealing with right now. We had her, Adrien, the girls, my Parents and my little sister over for dinner last night, and I had to say goodbye with her. We took some pictures together, and I was fine until my little sister started crying. Then it was all over with. I held on to Jacqueline, and she told me, "I am just a phone call and a sun tan away". And I had to laugh because if you know us, we don't tan. Alex thought it was pretty funny when Jacqueline told him the next time she sees him she will have a tan. He was rolling on the floor it was so funny. We all know Miracles can happen. LOL. I have had so many friends check on me today. For us, this is a big deal because we are so close, and are such a huge part of each others lives. Adam is driving the moving truck, so I am missing him too. But he will be back soon, and time apart does make the heart grow fonder. So watch out Cingular, we will be using more minutes. And we will be burning rubber driving to Florida more.

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aww i'm sorry to hear bestfriend is leaving tuesday;(