Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday! What a Sunday.

I haven't blogged in almost a week, so I guess I need to Blog.

Sunday recap...

I went to both services today, first service was so good, I had to stay for second.
Alex hurt his finger in kids church so he came to Big church with me. The worship was awesome. I love worship. Pastor talked about 3 things the devil doesn't want us to do.

...he doesn't want us to go all the way. Go to church but don't get involved. It gives him a black eye when we get involved, so get involved. Lets give him a black eye

...he doesn't want us to take our family with us. This is were I get long winded. This is close to my heart. Pastor talked about my family today. 3 years ago, my whole family was in a different place than we are now. Me and my husband were not in church, my kids did not have a relationship with God, my youngest didn't even know who God was. My parents weren't in church. My dad hadn't been in church since he was a boy. My sister was lost. She was at a rough time in her life. My little sister didn't know God. When I first started attending NVMC, I constantly prayed that my family would be saved, and that we would serve God together as a family. I remember one Wednesday night after I responded to an alter call, a women came up to me, and said that God spoke to her and this is what she said. "Stay faithful, he sees your faith in him, and he hears your prayers. Stay faithful." That was my promise. I wasn't going to let go of that. I know I am not perfect, but I didn't negotiate when i came to my family. The enemy tried to put doubt in my head. He said, "Angela, are you serious, do you think our mom and dad are going to come to a church like this. " " Angela, give up on your husband." He tried to put doubt in my head about my relationship with God. But you can't let him get to you. You have to stay faithful. Believing. God made it happen. He was the only one who could. It wasn't me. We are just tools. I was baptized, and I invited my family to come. A seed was planted. My oldest son was baptised, and my family came, another seed planted. As you heard today. My family is now saved, and serving God. I pray that God never lets me forget how it felt to want my family saved, and how it felt when I prayed for them. I want to remember so that I can see how huge this is, what god has done for my family.

...he doesn't want you to take your money. This really laid on my heart today. I want to go all the way in my tithes and giving. Pastor Craig did an awesome job taking up tithes and offerings today. This opened up for Pastor to finish his message today.

Can't wait for Wednesday night service.

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