Thursday, February 7, 2008

Living Room

Adam and I sometimes have a hard time coming together on a decision. We have similar tastes, but alot of times like different things. We have been looking for a new Living Room Suit for a while, and finally found somthing we both like the other day. So we got it, and are just waiting for it to come in. No we just have to solve the age old delima of paint color!! I like the blue in this picture, but it doesn't flow with the rest of the house. Decisions, Decisions!


cmwhitworth said...

Try one of those websites like sherwin williams where you can choose paint colors see them together. I think you can choose colors for the furniture and everything on there. Have fun! Picking paint is hard. I do like the new furniture

Anonymous said...

I am an interior decerator... Let me know if I can help.

I was thinking about doing one wall in a Call of Duty Theme

Pastor David

Angela Rivera said...

Oh Goodness. That is permanently on the TV, so I think that is enough COD Fish in the living room.

You can come help paint though. I will even cook for ya.


Anonymous said...

That is a double barrel Comment

1. Me painting
2. You Cooking

perhaps a recipe for Disaster... LOL


Joe said...

Hey its joe, i just saw your comment on my fish photos.

if this double post sorry, i was doing something and it cleared out all i had typed and now i have to retype it.

but anyways, you all should do a saltwater tank, they are alot of fun. way better than freshwater, and i feel alot easier "once you get them going, but i could help yall with that". you kids will love it, there is always something going on in it, and everything is alive. (from stuff in the gravel on the bottom, rocks in the tank, little weird creatures, fish, crabs, snails, anemones. plus more

sorry for rambling on, buts its my 2nd love, haha

my tank is only a 75 gallon, if i could i would get a bigger tank.

one day if you all wanted to check mine out in person, your more than welcome to stop by.

welp talk to ya later