Monday, February 11, 2008

My Twitter is broke

my twitter is broke, so i'm back to blogging. it's like not having a phone.

so today,
*i woke up late, my alarm was set for 5:30 pm. does me a lot of good.
*it's really hot in the lab, i have been running fabric ignition tests all day.
*gary jumped around the corner and scared the milky way out of me. (lol)
*the guys at work stole my easy button 3 weeks ago, and I still can't find it. it's probably in a refrigerator somewere.
*adam called and he is off again next week, and the week after, lack of work.
*little adam is still sick. he missed school friday and today. he has only missed one day all year long. poor thing. my dad is watching him today. he has a fever, cough, and isn't eating. keep him in your prayers.
*i am typing in all lower case, it will drive my mom crazy. hey mommy.
*back to painting when i get home. i primered a wall last night, and alex decided to try to help while i was up stairs getting ready for b-ball. i have to fix that today. he touched it to see if it was dry, and then he tried to paint over it so i didn't see it, but it was half way dry. gotta love him.
*i got a new Sims 2 game yesturday. fun fun. sims stories castaways. i am stranded on a deserted island.
*i miss my boys, can't wait to go home.

thats it for now.

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cmwhitworth said...

~ Wait! What are you painting? What color? Where did I miss that??