Friday, February 8, 2008

All in good fun

So most of you know I work with all men, I am the only female. Ok, so last week the guys mentioned that women are brainwashed to think certian things. I said, if that is true, then guys are as well. So they asked me to come up with a list of what guys are brainwashed to believe. So in good clean fun, what do you think. Once I come up with the list, I get lunch.

So leave your comments.


Kelley said...

Women look better with long hair

cmwhitworth said...

Women are confusing

Angela Rivera said...

That size 2 is average. said...

Oh ya i'm going to add mine...
What Men are brainwashed to believe...
*Women always want to be the boss
*Walmart has everything
*Women shouldn't fart
*Football is fixed
*Men are suckers for their ego
*Richard Simmon's is gay
*Women are bad drivers
*All women have PMS
*All women are weaker than men
*They think they have to buy flowers
*Women always have to be the boss
*Men believe they are more intelligent than women
*Women are too emotional

Angela Rivera said...

Thanks girl.

Anonymous said...

This Blog is getting totally out of control

Pastor said...

Pastor what's wrong with getting a girl some free lunch?

Anonymous said...

They are brainwashed into thinking "they always know how to get somewhere and never ask for directions".

Anonymous said...

They believe that they are always right and that when we ask for their opinion we actually care what they say :) When in actuality we are just feeding their male ego!