Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Pastors

I can't honor Pastors and not mention another couple that means alot to Adam and I. Pastor David and Christel. The Vision that they have for NVMC has helped me and my family come to know God. Words can't describe how much I appreciate there support, encouragement and friendship.
The first time me and Adam came to NVMC as a couple Pastor came in the back before we left and introduced himself, and gave us some NVMC t-shirts. We were then a small church of alittle over 100 and you knew when visitors were in the house.

There are so many memories that stick out into my head that remind me of the love and kindness showed to me and my family.

Before my dad started to come to NVMC he was having alot of back trouble and had to have another surgery. Pastor David, Pastor Luke and Pastor Randy came up to the hospital and prayed with my father and sat with my family for the surgery. They really cared.

When I volunteered in the office, if Pastor saw me stuffing visitor bags he would stop in and ask how everything was going. He genuinely cares out the people of NVMC.

Those are a just few of the things that impacting the heart of my family.

I want to thank Pastor David for reaching out to Adam, and my family and being a great friend to him. Thank you Pastor for caring about me and my family just as I know you are about everyone at NVMC. Thanks for everything you have done for us, and just know that words cannot express the gratitude we have for everything you all have done.
I want to thank Pastor Christel for being a great example to the wives at NVMC, and for the women and NVMC. You have such a warm heart. Thanks for always taking the time that you do to share and encouraging word. You are a strong women of God, and I thank him for putting you in our life. (some one has to make sure David doesn't take Rocky and Scooby to the pound). lol Seriously thank you for all you do, it really doesn't go unnoticed.

Thank you both for being great friends, and for not being afraid to shake things up alittle bit.

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