Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He can't have my testimony

Sunday, along with my family, we shared our testimony with NVMC.

I know that God has truly done great works in my and my family. I know that he has truely blessed us. When we were first asked to share, I was excited to get the oppurunity to share what God has done, because I know it was all God. As the day got closer, the nerves started to settle in. I get really nervous in front of alot of people, and NVMC, ya'll are alot of people. :o) Amen. As I was talking with my family about Sunday and what we might be asked, I started to think, can our testimony do anything, can it really touch anyone. I soon realized that it was the enemy trying to take my testimony. He was trying to put doubt in my mind and tried to dirstract me. As soon as I realized this, I started to pray. I wasn't going to think about what might be asked, I wasn't going to worry if I would have the words, I prayed that God would gaurd my mind from the attacks of the enemy, and that God would give me the words that he knew others needed to hear.

As I stood in service Sunday as we worshipped him, I felt his presence. I knew that he would give me the words that I needed. I looked up and saw my parents walk to the alter for prayer, and I started crying because here they were again, depending on God. My husband put his arm around me, and I remembered, we are in this together. My mind was overwhelmed, in a good way. I felt all the emotions agian and was reminded of the feeling when my son was baptized, when I redeticated my life, when me and my husband responded to my first alter call together, when my father was healed, and my family joined the church, when my father was baptized, the first time we prayed as a family, when I heard my husband minister to my son. God is good, and all that has happened because of God.

I want to speak to those of you who are praying for your family and friends. Never give up. No matter where they are at, God can do all things. He is trying to use you, so move out of the way and let him. Let your family and friends see the love that you have because of God. Don't give up.

We are so blessed that he brought us to NVMC. Having been rejected by another church, God showed me that that is not what it is about. It is not about Rejection, or pointing fingers. It is about Love, Acceptance and forgiveness. This is what NVMC strives to give, That is what can reach people, That is what reached my family.


Shineysmile said...

I loved reading this...I read it three times. It is so awesome what God can do. You are a breath of fresh air to a lot of us. What a wonderful testimony!!

Jen Arnold said...

Your testimony DID touch alot of people! Thanks for sharing!