Sunday, September 14, 2008

Celebrate Pastoral Staff Blog Day

Today I want to honor the Children’s Pastors at, Demetric and Jennifer Norwood. Jennifer(Jenn) and Demetric (Dee) are not only the children’s pastors at, they are also very dear friends to Adam and me. Adam and I first meet Demetric about 2 years ago at the College and Career Scavenger Hunt.

My first thought of him was that this guy is too friendly. Lol. He looked like he was going to Alaska with his ear warmers. Dee and Adam get along really good and have a lot in common, so do Jenn and I. I met Jenn at the Impacting the Heart of the City Conference. Jenn and Dee are from Texas (hence the reason for the ear warmers in October). Dee was here on business when he stumbled on NVMC. He was on his way to another church, but was running late, and decided to stop in and check out NVMC because he had seen Pastor on tv. Dee says that from the moment he walked in the door he knew this was his church home. Can you imagine your husband calling you from half way across the US, and saying, “honey we are moving to Kentucky”. Lol. Well he did, and they soon relocated to Kentucky.

Over time Jenn and Dee have become very good friends to us. Not too long after we meet and started to get to know each other Jenn and Dee took the role of Ministering to the Kids of NVMC. They really get on the same level as the kids and have fun teaching them about God, and they have a passion for it. They are encouragers not only to the kids but also to their friends, and anyone they come in contact with. They have a level of integrity that as there friends we see in their everyday life. I see them as a couple that not only teaches the word but lives by it as well.

Adam and I are so blessed to have Dee and Jenn as our friends and as our children’s Pastors. I see a change in my kids. This past Sunday Alex was telling us that they learned about “changing your mind”. The kids are learning about Mentality just like we are in “big” church. As a family we are learning and growing together because of great leaders at NVMC who are passionate about teaching us Gods word.

A few funny things...
Thanks to Jenn, on occasion, I sound like I am from Texas. I have discovered that Texans pronounce there I's alittle different than us folks from Tucky!

For the longest time Dee thought I was hispanic..which was kindof funny cause I am mostly Irish. A big difference. lol. But I wasn't complaining since Adam is Puerto Rican and the boys take after him, maybe I don't stick out like a sore thumb with my husband and sons.

I asked Alex if he had anything to say to his Pastors. He said that he has fun with you all. I think that is a great compliment.

I want to thank Jenn and Dee for being great friends. For being there for us, and having fun with us, and for helping us teach our kids the word of God.

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Herry said...

Lovely picture i find ear warmers for son great keep it up