Friday, August 1, 2008

To Twitter or Not to Twitter

So day 1 without twitter. Felt kind of lonely not having my twitter peeps to share little things with. There were so many times I reached for my phone to twitter and it wasn't there. So I started to think, does it really hurt anything.

The reasons I considered stopping..
Am I giving too much info to people. - Sometimes I feel I put too much of myself out there. Is this another one of those times?
Is it effected me actually blogging. - I love to blog. Blogging I do for myself, not for others, and not for comments. I do love that people read my blog. I think it gives people more insight into who I am.

Why I twitter...
Sometimes you just need to tell someone something that doesn't necessarily require feedback. Some of my favorite twit times are the on going conversations on twitter with my twit peeps. This morning on my way to work I notices gas went up to 3.89. hello, wasn't it just 3.69 or something. That is ridiculous, I reached for my phone to twit, but forgot I deleted my account. (Remind me, why did I do this again)

There are things I blog about that are too long for twitter. There are things like the shock of gas at 3.89 again that I wanted to twitter about that I wouldn't blog about.

It fits me. I blog, I load almost all my pics on Flickr(some public some private), and I twitter. I really don't mind putting myself out there, until someone hurts me, but I always bounce back. If you read my blog and don't like what I blog about don't read it. If you don't want to see every picture I took from summer vacation, you don't have to look, and if you don't like how I twitter, don't follow me. Remember it is to give you insight on who I am, not what you perceive of me, or what others tell you of me. Some will like me, others won't. That is ok.

I like to hear what everyone is up too, not to be nosie, but just to know what my twitter peeps are up to.

Is it really that big of a deal? No, I enjoy it, it doesn't hurt anything or anyone, so twitter peeps, I am back.

Alittle insight on me,,,I analyze, can you tell. lol


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Pastor David

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You go girl!