Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day of School

Adam's First Day of Middle School. Can you believe it....I can't. He was so excited.

He rode the bus for the very first time. We are dropping him off so he can ride to school with Ashley who is a sophmore this year (can't believe that either). When we dropped them off at the bus stop, it was just me and Alex. So I took him to his school, and it was wierd just taking Alex. For 6 years Adam went to that elementary school, and for the past two years they were there together.

So the First day of school was great, other than me thinking of them every second of the day, but that is not so bad.

Alex says he likes school. He has lots of friends in his class, but he still missed his brother. The first day of school he said he had 5 girls chasing him on the play ground. Oh brother.

Adam loves Middle School. Such a relief to me. He has his own locker, gets to change classes, and he is in Orchestra. He plays the Violin, and is saving for an Electric Violin. He going to school with some of his friends, and has made some new ones. Yesturday he got a good ol' circle yes or no note from a girl. His dad was so proud. lol. But Adam has always told him, If your in sports you can't have a girl friend, cause they will mess your game up. lol.

Alex doesn't have home work the first week, but Adam had his first homework last night. He had to add fractions. Brought back memories. Least common denominator. Not fun. I am good at math, but it wasn't fun having to go threw and check to make sure they were all write. This could get challenging.

So right now, they are both loving school.

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