Wednesday, August 27, 2008

God is Good!

Earlier this year my Pastor gave our church a Challenge to trust God with our Tithes, and be faithful for 3 months. Adam and I took that Challenge. Having not grown up in church we didn't understand how to turn that part of us over to God. But we wanted to give it all we had.

So we started Tithing on everything, and we started to see God work in our finances. I am a worrier, I guess I thoguht if I worried about it I could find a way to make it work. God was trying to teach me to count on him, and trust in him and not worry about it. So I tried to do that. There was one week in particular that we were tight. So that week, I didn't worry about it, I knew it didn't add up, but I know what the word says. We have been praying for checks in the mail and finding money. That week several hundred dollars appeared in our account. Part of me wanted to not doubt it and not question it, but I am the kind of person that if you give me the wrong amount of change, I don't see it as a blessing, I give it back. So I checked, and it was our Money!! Woohoo. Threw out those months, I we weren't wasteful, and because of that if we were in a bind, God worked it out. There were several times that checks arrived right on time, and we recieved our tax stimulus check. There was talk of layoffs at work, and the day the layoffs happened, I got a raise. A very nice raise. God is Good.

Then GE made the announcement that they were putting Appliance Park up for Sale. I have blogged about it here, FAITH, so you can read about that on my blog. You can imagine all the rumors, and attitudes at work. It was a huge test. It went from we are out of jobs, to get ready to move to China. We started to look at our options. Our biggest option was to move out of State to a better job market. The devil would love that, to get us away from a church that has changed our family, and taught us how to have a relationship with God. But we have been praying for jobs and better jobs. And about a month or so ago, GE announced that instead of selling the business, we would spin off into our own company. We won't be GE anymore, we will be a new company with a new name, but we will still sale GE appliances, and we will be in Louisville, and we will have jobs, and GE will offer more Jobs. Jobs and Better Jobs!! I was reminded of this this morning when I saw a friend form church who does security at GE now. He has recently been hired on.

There are times that the worrier in me starts, but I have to remind myself what GOd has done, and that is just the tip of the iceburg.

Adam just got a promotion and raise, and has a position that he enjoys more.

I am so happy that I have a pastor that was not affraid of talking about tithing, and gave us that challenge. God showed us that we can trust in him, and he will be our provider. I really believe that our faithfulness to him is the reason for our blessings. It is nothing we have done, just what he asked of us.

I was reflecting on this this morning and had to share.

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