Thursday, May 22, 2008

As I sit here...

at my desk I see...

My Dancing and singing stuffed animals that my husband get me for special occasions.
Pictures of my kids
A card from my best friend
My snowman coffee cup (yes it is summer and I have a snowman coffee cup on my desk)
My easy button that people just can't resist to push...That was Easy!
My Celebrating 1 Year NVMC Mouse Pad.
a baking dish
Thermal Probes
Sauce Pan
Extension Cord
A bottle of sand from Panama City Beach (It is probably sand from China, and just shipped here), but who cares, reminds me of the beach. (Nope, it actually says, Made in Philippines.)LOL

Whats on your desk?

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why is there a sauce pan?lol said...

why is there a sauce pan?lol