Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Highlights from the weekend:

Woke up and headed to watch some friends run in the mini-marathon. Stacey, Chrisy, and Julie ran in there first mini-marathon. It was so cool to see them run there hearts out.

Threw a baby shower for Cyndi. Cyndi and I have been friends since I was 15. I meet her when I walked into Moby Dick to get my first job. 13 Years later Cyndi and James have been blessed with a child after 10 years of trying. God is good!

We had Softball practice. I was catcher for 2 innings. See Sunday details for more info on that. lol. I hit pretty good. I need to go to the batting cage, and I need some batting gloves. I did catch a pretty good ball thrown form outfield to home plate. :o)


My thighs were killing me from catching two innings at softball practice.

Sunday service was awesome. Very powerful. God showed up and Baptism was great! Awesome testimonies!

While we were sitting in service, Adam leaned over to me, and said "Happy Anniversary." I had totally forgot. So we went out to lunch for our anniversary. It was kind of funny. We have two anniversaries. One for when we started dating which was over 12 years ago. That one is on Jan 9th, and then our wedding anniversary is April 27th. We have been married 6 years. My oldest can do that math, and yes, we do have some 'splaining to do! Adam looked at me last night and said, "I can't believe I have been with the same girl for this long, and we have two kids, and two dogs!" Lol. I can honestly say, that I think our relationship has never been as good as it is right now. We have grown together, and have been threw a lot. We have always been there for each other. We have fun with each other, we can talk to each other, we sometimes fight with each other. But we have come to realize that somethings just aren't that big of a deal. We were talking a few weeks ago, and Adam looked at me, and said, "I really like the person you are now." That means so much to me. We know each other like no one else does. We see the sides of each other that we don't let others see. When we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and when we are PMSing, lol. For him to say that to me, when he sees all my faults, it meant more than I can explain. We have both changed a lot, and have grown up a lot, and learned a lot from each other. We are both laid back with each other, we love to have fun with the boys. We do have our differences, but who doesn't. I am so blessed to have Adam. He is an amazing father, and husband. He knows the little things that mean so much to me. He is silly, and always puts a smile on my face when no one else can. I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore you.

I have to end on a funny note, and with my kids, it's not too hard.

On our way home from lunch, Alex looked at Little Adam and said, "How old was I when I met you?" That kid cracks me up. He was so serious.

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cmwhitworth said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful shower! I never dreamed we would get to do this. I also never dreamed I would ever look so HUGE! The pictures really put my size into perspective - good thing he is worth it.