Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bring Your Child to Work Day

GE Womens Network sponsors a GE Bring your Child to Work day. For the event, we have to preregister, so only a handful of kinds can come. This is Adam's second year of joining me at work for this event.

The day starts off with us taking a trip to the Visitors Center so that we can get him a badge so that he can get threw the turnstile. It's tight security around here. I could see the excitement. This is the only day that he can actually come into the park and see what I do because of security measures. We got settled in at my desk, and then we went to get some coffee, he talked me into letting him get a little coffee. He was going to need it, because I was about to put him to work.

He was not allowed back in the lab, because of safety precautions. So he had to stay at my desk. So I let him put some data in for me. He did an awesome job.

At 11am, we walked down the the cafeteria to grab some lunch, and to hang out with some of my co-workers. He enjoyed himself.

At 1pm, we went over to Monogram Hall for some events. This is always a fun part for the kids, were they get to learn about Manufacturing, Engineering, and Lean Six Sigma, in a fun hands on approach. The parents got to participate, and Dad even joined us when we got off. The day wrapped up at 5pm, and I have to be honest. I loved having Adam with me at work. One of the things I dislike about my job, is that I miss my kids. Having him there, hanging out with me for the day was so much fun.

3 comments: said...

thats great...i used to love going to work with my dad!

oh ya..i like how u have a bottle of pills sitting next to him on ur i hope they are child proof..jkjk

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Anonymous said...

He's getting so big.