Friday, October 10, 2008

Stress Busters

We have a special website at work that keeps us up to date on the transition of GE Appliance Park. We have had some announcements made in the past 48 hours, and because of that they posted a blog, "Coping With Change -- Daily Stress Busters". I thought some of these were interesting, and I just added some random thoughts of mine on some of them.

Have a massage. (Exchange massages with your spouse.) (um babe, I am going to need you to get on that.)

Change your routine when it might help refresh your life. Get up a few minutes earlier and go for a walk? Take a different route home from work? Wear your rings on different fingers? Order something different from a menu? Have dessert before your meal? (I like the dessert before your meal one, and I might switch up my rings, and see how it makes me feel :o) )

Learn to recognize the difference between complaining that reinforces stress and constructive criticism that helps. (Throughout this whole process, I have focused on my faith, and trusting in God. I try to keep people up to date on what is going on because it effects more than Adam and me. Alot of you out there have family or friends at GE also. I work with alot of people that has let this consume them, and distract them. Let me be honest, there have been times, but that is when I renew my mind, and I know that we are in his hands no matter what happens. I trust him beyond my own understanding)

Have fun. (I can say that in my family, we do have fun. Some of my most relaxing times have been just me, Adam and the boys hanging out and having fun.)

Choose an appropriate level of emotional involvement. Choose your attitude. (um, and appropriate level of emotional involvement. I am emotional. 90% of the time, I like that about myself. I think that it is one of my qualities. Some see emotional as a negative trait, not me. I think it is one of the things that make me special. :o) I am sure my husband would love it if I didn't cry at most movies. he always looks at me, and says, "Are you crying!" My most recent episode was watching last weeks ER when Dr. Pratt died. So instead of choosing an appropriate level of emotional involvement, I will choose to change my mentality, and just trust him!)

Remember happy times. Stroll through photo albums. (I love to take pictures and to look threw my pictures. The pictures are so much better than just our memory. It triggers the memory, and give detail to our memory. I can get lost in photo's and loose track of time, guess cause it's so relaxing)

Learn to relax, using prayer, meditation, yoga. (Prayer is a huge thing for me, and music. I recently got an iPod and downloaded some praise music on it, and I love listening to it. It helps me to renew my mind. I believe what we put in our head intentionally and unintentionally effects our attitude and mentality.)

Be gentle with yourself. Cultivate a pleasant environment. Surround yourself with what you like whenever possible, whether it is flowers or colors or pictures. Make a space for yourself where you can relax, alone or with others. (My space at work has things that I like and enjoy. There are pictures of my family, One of our invite cards from church, some motivational sayings, a craft project my son made for me, some frogs (not real ones, I like frogs), a bottle of sand from the beach(the most relaxing place on the earth), and some cards from my family and friends. Someone made a comment once that my desk was cluttered, this coming from a man that has nothing on his desk. These things are just things, but they remind me of something important to me, and that is relaxing)

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