Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend highlights

This weekend was so jam packed, you do not want to hear all the details, so here is a weekend highlights.

  • Me and my hubby were off work Friday. I ran around and we didn't really spend any time together.

  • We had to pick my son up from school for the second time that week, sickness go away.

  • We had to go to Horner Novelty to pick up some more supplies for Eggstravaganza. My kids are right next to us, and they walk into the DO NOT ENTER if you are under 18 room. I yelled STOP. Oh my, not good. I guess there is something about a No Not Enter sign that tells kids to go ahead and check it out. I don't think they saw anything before my husband snatched them out, they had literally stepped into the swinging door when we stopped them. Anyway, not to excited about a room like that being in a party planning store, right next to sponge bob birthday decor. They could at least lock the door.
  • We ate at KFC, we got the buffet, not very tasty.

  • Got to bed at about midnight.


  • Woke at 4am with Alex's asthma.

  • Took a trip to ER

  • Got home at 8am, showered and got to church at 8:30 for Eggstravaganza.

  • It was cold, but the kids had fun 1500-2000 kids showed up.

  • helped in launch for out Saturday Night Live service. Jen and D Norwood do a great job with the kids. They minister to them, it's not a day care. The kids are getting fed the Word of God. As they did the alter call, a lot of kids responded. I learned a lot about God in that service. Thanks to Jen and D for giving so much of yourselves to minister to my kids, so that they can grow in there relationship and help to lead others to Christ. It is working.
  • Alex lost another tooth, the second one this week.
  • Kicked of Call of Duty Sermon Series - You have got to come check this out. We already have people in mind who are getting this series on DVD. Don't miss Sunday!

  • We went to Henry County for my family Easter Dinner and Egg Hunt. The Norwoods joined us, we adopted them for Easter. We really adopted them long before that.

  • Got home and crashed for 2 hours. Slept right threw the UofL game

  • UofL won!!!!!!!!

Pics from the weekend

Launch Praise and Worship

Adam and Alex (see the two holes in Alex's grill)

Our Easter Family Picture

Call of Duty - Your spiritual life is not a game.

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Anonymous said...

Love your family Easter picture!! I didn't know Alex had asthma, I will be praying for him to be healed, Randal's used to be that bad too and we spent lots of time at Kosairs but praise God!! his only acts up when he plays sports now and it is so much better, I'm believing God for healing for Alex's too!!

Lauren Boggs