Monday, March 10, 2008

My Sis, Sledding, Sweet Home Alabama!

This weekend was very exciting. It snowed, 10 inches. I love the snow!!!

Friday was my birthday and we went to my mom and dads for cake. While we were sitting there in there living room we heard this loud voice say, “Is somebody missing from this Party!” It was my sister Jacqueline. She flew in from Florida for my birthday. I held onto her and didn’t want to let go. I couldn’t believe it. Adam was the only person that knew she was coming in, and he kept the surprise. I love surprises, and this one tops the list.

That night we went sledding. It was OK, but the snow and ice was falling fast.

Saturday morning I made breakfast and shoveled the driveway. Man, that was hard work. But I knew I couldn’t sit in the house all day. My sister was at my mom and dads and I had to get over there. Jacqueline, Ashley, me and the boys went sledding at Joe Creason Park with some friends from Church and we had a ball. The best sledding I have ever had.

Sunday was Vision Sunday at Church. Pastor David shared his Vision, and updated us on the Relocation project, and assured us that it is alive and well. With first service cancelled, the 11am service was packed. Pastor Craig almost broke out in Umbrella…ella…ella…a….a….a…

After service was Launch’s First (I hope we do this again, it was fun) Family Fun day. Here are some of the highlights.

Everyone contributed $500 to hear Pastor David sing. Pastor, it was for a great cause, and you did great!!
We won the auction for the Louisville Basketball autographed my Rick Pitino for Little Adam, he was so excited, and very appreciative.
Angela Ferguson, Luke Morgan, Jen Norwood, and Demetric Norwood all got Pies in there faces. We Raised a lot of money
The jail went over great. The kids loved putting there friends and parents in Jail. Check out my myspace for some pics of our felons.
My son Adam sang Karaoke, he sang Hit Me With Your Best Shot.
It was just a great time!!! Jen and D, and all the volunteers you guys did great with this.

Last nights B-ball games. We won’t mention those. Lol.

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I do agree..this was a funnnn weekend!! The sleding was soo much fun!!