Monday, August 27, 2007

Friend Day

Wow. Friend Day was awesome. I volunteered to do registration at Huber's, and it was such a blessing. I got to see faces that I have never seen before, and got to here what people thought of service as we checked them in for there fun filled day at Huber's. I have to be honest, it was very overwhelming at times. The total for friend day was around 2300-2400, however this is not why I was overwhelmed. There was one girl I checked in, who just had a blank look on her face. She had two young children with her, and she had a black eye. I know there are lots of ways to get a black eye, but I always try to remember that we don't know what people have going on in there lives. This young women was invited from an outreach our church did at the Mall just the day before. I went to the bathroom, and it hit me. I prayed that we would show Gods love to them, all the visitors who are just like I was, searching for him, even though I didn't realize that God is what I was searching for. I know what I have found since coming to New Vision, and I wanted them to have that too. I prayed that she would see that acceptance, and love of God's that New Vision offers. I prayed that God would protect her, and her kids, and that she would come back to New Vision. I prayed for all the other Visitor, and all those who attend New Vision, that we would show them what Gods love is like. I believe Friend Day starts a new Chapter at New Vision, we will see those people return, and they will grown in there faith and walk with the Lord, and they will get plugged in.

I have to tell you, I saw that young woman again before the day was over, and she had a smile on her face, as she was enjoying her day at Huber's with her family. It brought tears to my eyes.

Adam and I enjoyed the day with our family and friends. We ate some good food, and had some fun, and got to act like a kid running threw the Corn Maze, and Jumping on the Balloon Bounce. Check out my pics!

What an amazing day.

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