Monday, August 20, 2007

A full weekend!

The puppies are getting so big. I have posted some new pictures on Flickr, and will post some in this blog. There eyes are starting to open. They are so cute. If we lived on a farm, I would keep them all.

I didn't work this weekend. it is the first weekend in a while that I have had off. It was nice to have the weekend off. Now I am counting down to our 4 day Labor Day weekend.

My sister was moving this weekend, and she had a yard sale, so I went over to help with that. She was selling a new couch and chair because she got a sectional for her new apartment. The chair goes perfectly in our dinning area, so we bought it, and we are still trying to figure out were to put the couch. I want to redecorate my whole house, paint and all. Adam isn't too excited about that.

Our stove has been acting up. The coil burners are a pain in the rear. While I was wiggling one of them to get it to come on, there was a pop and flash. And the light that tells you a burner is on stays on. Dummies Guide for Ranges #1: There is something wrong. So at this point, we need a new Range. But I couldn't keep that range the way it was because it was unsafe. So I look at it closer and see the problem. I set out on a mission to fix it. After getting the crap shocked out of me twice, I finally got it fixed. However at that point I never wanted to see that one again. So the rest of my Saturday off, consisted of installing a new Stove, and while Adam had ran out to pick the new one up, I decided to take down the Vent hood that went over our Stove. You see we have a new Over the Range Microwave that has been sitting in the box for a month, and I was just in the mood to get it all done. So Adam came home to a nice surprise. We didn't get the Microwave up (looks a little more complicated that I had thought), but we do have a new stove, and a beautiful chair for our Front room, and a couch that we don't know what to do with. All in all, we got a lot accomplished on my Saturday off.

Sunday started off with a great service. I took lots of notes, and saw how the message applied to my life. Prayer! I need to spend more time in Prayer with him. That is the road to the strong relationship I desire with him. The message was right on time as we prepare for Friend Day at Church. This coming Sunday you are all invited to Friend Day at my Church. At 9am and 11am. It is always a great message, and then we will all head out to Huber's Farm for a fun afternoon, and food, and it is all FREE! So come see what all the buzz is about, and then join us for a great day at Huber's. And if you have a Motorcycle, there is a group of Motorcycles leaving right after the second service.

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