Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Camp

Well, on Monday I took my oldest son to Church camp for a week. After standing in line for a while, we walked to the Boys Dorms, and got him settled in his room. It looks like there are about 8 other boys in the room with him, and one counselor in each room. I walked him to the cafateria, as we walked by the canteen stand that sold nothing but junk food, he said he wasn't hungry. I have a feeling he has already spent his money that I sent with him for the week. Hopefully he gets his spending habits from his Dad, and he will come home with money left. I tried to talk him into eating, and told him to make sure he remembers to eat before I headed to my car to leave him at camp for a week. Needless to say I was already missing him when I was walking to the car.

So, Adam comes back on Friday and Alex leaves for camp on Monday. I am getting more and more nervous about Alex going everyday. This is his first time being away from us, much less going to camp for the first time.

I will share some of my visions with you...

He goes to the bath-house to take a shower, and forgets his cloths in the dorn, and has to run back naked to get his cloths. If you know Alex, you know it sound like him.

He spends all his money in one day, and has no money left for the rest of the week.
I go to pick Alex up, and he is empty handed, he has lost all of his belongings.

As I shared some of my fears with another mom sending her daughter to camp for the first time as well, she shared with me one of hers. That her daughter would wear all of her cloths on the first day, and have no clean cloths for the rest of the week. I am sure she didn't mean to do this, but that just added to my list of fears, because if you know Alex, you know how he loves to layer his cloths, and has his own sense of style, and I can see him doing this also.
I know that everything is going to be great, and they are going to have a great time, and we are going to miss them terribly.

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