Monday, June 25, 2007

Sibling Contract

Tonight my youngest came downstairs with a request from his brother as he normally does. You see, Adam sends his brother to do his dirty work alot. I think is pretty typical of an older sibling. Alex came down asking for tape, so my husband took it to Adam so that he could also tell him not to boss his younger brother around. My husband then asked Adam what that was in his hand, and Adam said it is a Contract. My husband asked Adam what the contract was for. Adam said it was a contract for his brother. My husband asked him what it said.
Alex can't come into my room except to play Playstation and to sleep in my bed.
Apparently, Alex had messed Adam's room up, and Adam had had enough. So he decided to write a contract for his 5 year old brother.
The funny thing about it all, is that Alex signed it.

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