Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just some funny things my kids say...

OK, so last night me and the boys were coming home from dinner after Church. Adam was home in bed by this time, and we went to one of his favorite restaurant, so I wanted to take him home some rolls. Now don't think he was getting the wrong end of the deal, he loves the rolls. So we are walking to the car, and Alex was carrying the box. He drops it, the box opens and the rolls all land on the ground. As I was picking them up, Alex said, "since it's April fools can we put them in the box and daddy can still eat them?".

So on the way home Little Adam was telling me about his bet with his Dad. I guess it could be labeled as bribery, Yes, we bribe our kids! Last year Little Adam was known as 'Walkman' on his baseball team, because he has a great eye, and he always walks. So this year Adam tried to give him incentive to hit the ball. Adam told him if he has more than two hits that he will buy him the new Halo game. So Alex chimes in and says he is going to tell dad that if he gets more than 3 hits that we have to buy him an iPhone. Lol. Yeah. Alex is really working us to get him an iPhone. Little Adam bought one with his own money, and it is killing Alex that he is the only one in the family that doesn't have one. I told that wasn't going to happen. So he said, "Well, I will just have to use the puppy dog face on Dad." Little Adam said, "Alex, Dad is puppy dog face proof, it doesn't work on him like it does mom!"

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