Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My Pepaw passed away on Sunday. He and my Memaw were staying in a hotel because they lost there power in the ice storm like so many of us. Saturday he had a hard time breathing and my Memaw called the ambulance. He died Sunday morning at the age of 91. He and my memaw were married for 64 Years. I was at church when my sister called to tell me. The first thing I told her was that I told him we would come down and go fishing with him, and we didn't. Then I started thinking of all the times I could have gone to visit, but something else came up. At that moment, I was filled with regret. Regret for not spending as much time with my family as I could. Regret is the hardest part of grieving.

Growing up, me and my sister, Jacqueline were close to my Memaw and Pepaw. We would spend summers at there house, playing in there wooded backyard going on adventures. My cousin Kristina was always there too. The three of us would have so much fun. My Pepaw had a workshop where he would make all sorts of things. I still have alittle rocking chair that he made for my dolls, it's in my office and I think of him every time I look at it. You could find him in one of three places. His workshop, in his Garden, or in his chair. My Pepaw loved to garden. He had a vegetable garden and fruit trees. Me, my sister, and cousin would sneak an extra plum every once and a while. They were so good. My pepaw always told us stories, he could tell me anything and I believed every word of it. At the funeral the Pastor said that he was told that my Pepaw had the incredible ability to read a book, listen to the radio and watch TV all at the same time. He also loved his chewing tobacco. My uncle Jack stuck some in his suit pocket at the funeral home. It put a smile on every one's face when they saw it, because they knew he always had it with him. We called him Pepaw, but alot of the family called him Pop. He was a tell you like it is kind of man. That is who he was. I will miss him very much. From all of this, it made me realize that I need to make more time to visit the people that matter to me before they are gone. This is what has been on my mind, thanks for reading it and spending a little slice out of your day to read about my pepaw. So if you can take anything away from reading this post today, make time for those who matter to you.

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chase'dmydream said...

I am so sorry about your Pepaw. I had no idea...guess I should check in more often.((hugs)) xo Cyndi