Friday, February 13, 2009

Come and See

Looking back, I see were God has brought me from, and I see how he was working in my life before I even acknowledged him. About 5 years ago I had a dream that I will never forget. I dreamt that Adam and me had died. We were standing there in front of God. God told me I got to go to heaven. I asked about Adam, I told him it didn’t matter to me were I went, I wanted to know that he got to go to heaven. I can still remember how I felt even though it was a dream. God told me that we both got to go to heaven. Then there was my mom and my aunt Susan with our son Little Adam. Adam and I had to say goodbye to him. I wondered how I could do that. There was no way. But we had too, he couldn’t go with us. I woke up in tears. I couldn’t control the tears or my anxiety. I wasn’t saved, I didn’t know if I died if I would go to heaven. I wanted my husband and my son, my family and friends to go to heaven too. The morning I woke from my dream I went to work, and as I was sitting in front of a dishwasher running a test, my co-worker walked over to me and handed me a bible. I started to cry. He had no idea about my dream, but I know that it was God. As scared as I was, I was also scared of church. I had been turned away from another church because we had our son while I was 16 and Adam was 17. We lived together before we were married. These are all things that I was told were bad in God’s eyes. I couldn’t look at my son and see anything bad, he was a blessing, so I was angry that anyone would suggest that having him was bad. I just wanted someone to accept me and teach me despite of my past, I wanted someone to see that I wanted to know God. I was scared of being rejected, something I would constantly struggle with. One year later another co-worker invited me to New Vision. She knew of my past and never judged me. She told me that the people at New Vision would welcome me with open arms. I saw the love, acceptance and forgiveness first hand, and I longed to be in that atmosphere. That is what got me to church, a sense of being accepted. Along the way I learned about God, his love for me, and his will for my life. I have been on fire for God ever sense. New Vision is a place that you can come with all your baggage, and there are people that will teach you how to lay it at his feet, and give your burdens to him. Knowing God will give you a freedom like no one or nothing else can give you. I invite you to come and check it out. This Sunday join me at at 6907 Outerloop. Service times are 9am and 11am. I hope to see you there.

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Mimi B said...

That is amazing you found a church that will accept you as you are & help you grow in christ...I hope the previous church has learned the love of Christ