Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pumkins Vandals

This morning as I backed out of the garage, I looked over to the right to see if any cars were coming, and I saw something orange scattered all over the neighbors yard. I looked at my porch, and you guessed it, NO Pumpkins. Someone had taken our pumpkins and smashed them up. Our large pumpkin was carved to look like Spongebob, and they even smashed our fake pumpkin that you plug up!! Alex was devastated because they smashed his small pumpkin that he painted when we went camping. It was grown from Magic Pumpkin seeds. The only one that was left was Adam's painted pumpkin.

I can't really remember if I smashed any pumpkins growing up, I know I egged houses, and TP'ed houses. However i can guarantee that once I saw my son devastated, and crying because someone smashed his pumpkins, that I will never do it again.

Lesson learned, and I hope you learned from this too. Don't smash pumpkins, because you don't know who's child will be left devastated.


Anonymous said...

You never told me you egged houses...
Tell Alex I am going to buy him another pumpkin.
Love, Mom

cmwhitworth said...

That is so horrible! Poor little guys...
You never told me you did stuff like that as a was a BAD girl. Shame on you ;-)

Josh Helm said...

That is terrible. Just saw your blog..

God bless

Josh Helm