Thursday, October 4, 2007

Noelani Update!

Update from Joe on Noelani......

Sorry, I've been remiss in my puppy reporting. Noelani is doing fine, that is the laziest, most rotten hound I have ever seen! I love her to death. We've been working with her on sit and lay, she doesn't know the commands yet but she recognizes and responds to the hand signals immediately. Doesn't like her leash, all. Growls and barks at it, (she has a slight stubborn streak), when you put it on her she bites it and looks at you as if in warning that you're next if you try putting this on her again. Her "first day of school" is this Saturday, I think she may end up being the problem child of the class, just too many puppies in one room, she will be literally quivering with excitement! Do the other dogs avoid the grass when it has dew on it? This stubborn lil girl refuses to walk on the grass once it dews up, she'll pee on the driveway instead and then goes out of her way to walk around and use the paving stones and walk ways to get where she's going so she doesn't have to get her paws wet. Did I mention she sleeps a lot? Once she passes out, (literally, I've seen drunks that are easier to wake) you can pick her up, roll her over, I've even stuck food such as ham on her nose and lifted her cheeks to place it on her teeth and she still doesn't stir or even open a solitary eye to glare at you. Thank you so much for this little beauty!!

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