Monday, September 24, 2007

My mom, a future Pilot

My mom has always had the dream of flying a plan. Since I was little I remember her expressing the desire to fly a plane. I remember her even looking into the air force because she wanted to fly an F-16. For Christmas last year, my sister and I arranged for my mom to have a Discovery Flight. It wasn't until this weekend that she was able to take advantage of that gift. I had the privilege of going along with her to take photo's of her flight. The night before, my mom couldn't sleep. She was anxious and nervous at the same time. Saturday morning we arrived at the airfield, and the pilot said that my sister, Ashley could go up with us also. She was very excited. He also said that he would come back, and drop us off so that my Dad and Adrian could go also.

We took off, and headed to my hometown in Henry County. We were amazed at how fast we got there, and how clean everything looked. It looked like a model town, not a real town. Everything looked peaceful, and perfect from the air. My mom was in heaven. She was like a kid in a candy store. Then it was my Dad and Adrian's turn. My dad has flown on small planes many times. I used to have to travel for work, however this was Adrian's first time in a plane ever. She was very nervous when my mom took over for and flew the plan on her own. The Pilot said she was a natural.

My mom is looking into taking lessons, and pursuing a Pilots licence. I am so happy and proud of her for following her dreams. I know she can do anything. I love you and I am proud of you mom!

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