Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Vision Ministry Center Cardboard Testimonies...This is why we do what we do.

Cardboard Testimonies at New Vision Ministry Center from New Vision on Vimeo.

Sunday was an amazing day at NVMC. I came Sunday expecting great things. I have been working with the first impressions team, so at 1st service I stood in the back. Second service came around, and I was going to sit with my family, but I saw that seat after seat was full, so I grabbed my things, and I stood in the back with my husband and sister who gave up there seats as well. NVMC was full to the max with people coming to seek his face. Our faithful ushers and greeters put out more chairs so we could find a seat for everyone. I watched as the video played a message from Pastor on God's Love for us. Then one by one people walked on stage with cardboard signs showing what god brought them out of. It is because of his love.

Addicted Filthy Mess now Clean with God.
Hit Rock Bottom, now standing on the Rock.
A couple, lived together, did drugs together, now We pray together, married here 9-7-08
Hell on Wheels, now Holy Roller.
Brain Tumor "05 now winning threw Christ "08
Raised Muslim now Born again Christian
Raped at Age 10 now More than a Conqueror
A family of 4, (father)Loved Drugs, Alcohol, all kinds of sin, (mother)Marriage over, betrayed again and again, (son) Hated father, wish he would die, (daughter)Family in turmoil, don't know why now....(father)kicked out devil, God now lives in my heart, (mother)Restored our Love, now found a new start, (son) Love Dad now, He's someone to look up to, (daughter) Broken family restored with God's SuperGlue!

Then my Dad came on stage and help his cardboard sign that read, Drowning in Alcoholism, then he flipped it over, Now Sober is Christ!!! Wow, what God has done. I thank him for changing my dad's life, and for working in my friends lives. One by one, my friends at NVMC walked on stage and gave there testimony without even saying a word. These are all people that are special to me, my NVMC family.

As I stood in the back, I cried. Then Wings of Worship took the stage, and there was Anna Garcia, and Pastor David in the front. They just didn't get up there and perform mime, they ministered to hearts that day. They touched lives without even saying a word.

So many times we try to find words to express ourselves, when more often it's our actions and hearts that minister to people.

Sunday was a true testimony of why we do what we do. We invite our family and friends so that we can share with them what God has done in our lives. Our Pastor and leaders at NVMC pour so much out of themselves because it is what they have been called to do, and they have a heart to reach the city that is lost and hurting. Our volunteers give of there time, and serve because they know that people matter to God, so they matter to us. Our parking crew gives there time so that not one person pulls out of the parking lot instead of coming to church. Our Children's workers teach our children about God so that we can attend service and be touched without worrying that our kids are being too loud. That is why we do what we do. We do it so that we can share God's love with others, there is no other reason.

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Holly Young said...

That was awesome! I found your blog through a friend. Looks like you have an amazing church!! I couldn't watch this without crying, and I don't even know the people, but God is so wonderful!! He helps through our hurts, our failures, our shortcomings... and brings us through victoriosly!! Praise God for what you are doing at your church!!