Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What will you sing?

I haven’t Blogged in a while. So here goes.

These past two Sundays have been amazing at Church. Two weeks ago, November 2nd, I went to first service, and during the first song I felt God’s presence. I know that he is there even when I don’t feel him, but this morning I felt it. I had some worry that I was carrying around. I kept telling myself that I wasn’t worried, but I just pushed it aside. So I felt God telling me that I can’t just push it aside and pretend it isn’t there, I have to give it to him. I went up to the alter for prayer during praise and worship. When I got back to my seat, Pastor Curtis and the Choir started to sing my favorite song, “To the Glory of your name.” This song has always ministered to me, and taken me to a deeper place in my worship. (I would love to have a live version of this on CD, hint hint) The song lyrics seem simple, not to knock Pastor Curtis’s writing ability, because we know he is gifted. It is a true worship song, and you really don’t need a lot of words for that, just to come from your heart. The song is more than the lyrics, it is the music, and it is a song that ushers in the presence of God. I really felt this was for me, because I hadn’t heard Pastor Curtis and the choir sing this for a while. Then came the Word. Pastor gave a word that I feel God had given me a glimpse of early that week. I really enjoy blogging, and sometimes I will think of something to blog about, and I will record it in a voice recording on my phone, so I can write about it later.

Here is my recording on 10/28/08 word for word:

What you put into you is what comes out of you. All day I find myself singing and humming songs that praise God. What you put into you is what is in you, and what comes out of you.

On Nov 2nd, Pastor talked about how we want God to help but we don’t want to walk in his word. We fill ourselves with things that go against the Word, and his will for us. We do it in the name of entertainment with the songs we listen to, the movies and TV shows we watch. These are some of the notes I took on Sunday:

· Every word you speak is powerful.
· What comes out of you magnifies what is on the inside of you.
· Watch what you listen too.
· Lyrics can live in your life.
· When you got junk in your life, you will sing his song.

When you got junk in your life, you will sing his song. Because I fill myself with his word, and songs that glorify him, I can sing his song.

When junk comes into your life, like a bad Doctors report, losing your job, death, or bills you can’t pay, WHAT DO YOU SAY? Do you ask God why it had to happen, do you worry how you will pay the bills, do you feel alone, and like no one cares, do you vocalize how everything bad is coming against you?

Or can you say or sing, “I call you holy, your name is holy, holy you are and holy you’ll be”, “Here in your presence, we are undone, here in your presence, heaven and earth become one, here in your presence, all things are new, here in your presence, everything bows before you”, “you were there, you were always there”, “You are God Alone!”, “When I think about the Lord, it makes me want to shout, Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, lord your worthy, of all the glory, of all the honor and all the praise!”

This past Sunday Pastor reminded us that you never know who is watching you. If you are at the Bar, cursing out someone, or gossiping you never know who is around the corner. We have to be more like him in our everyday walk, not just at church to put on a show for everyone, or if we bump into someone from church in public. Because it doesn’t matter what man thinks. We do need to be mindful of what we do, we are a reflection of him, and of our church. Ultimately, it matters what God thinks, and he sees you even when your alone, he knows your heart when you put up a front for others to see, he knows your thoughts when you keep your thoughts to yourself.

When I am in the car, or walking threw the grocery store, cleaning the house, or working, I hum and sing Christian music. Most of the time I don’t even realize that I am doing it. The funny thing is that it might not even be a song I have heard in a while, but it is in me. It is in my heart, my mind and my spirit. It’s not the music, it’s God. It’s his word that lives in us. What is in you is what will come out of you. If you have hate, anger, un-forgiveness, and judgment that is what will flow from you. But if you have love, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion, that is what will flow from you. What do you want to reflect to those who are hurting and need to know this amazing man names Jesus, that came and died for our sins, and washed away our old things, and made us new in him.


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