Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Tuesday we woke up early to look for shells on the beach. The water was still green.

So after we had our breakfast at Sharky's, we decided to drive to Destin hoping that the water would be clearer. We have stayed there before, and remembered how nice it was. Destin is was only 40 miles away, and it was well worth the drive. As soon as we saw the beach, we were in paradise. The water was so clear, and you could go pretty far out in the water and it was still clear, and you could reach. We all had so much fun at the Beach in Destin. Playing the water, and riding the waves on our boogy boards.

We went back to the hotel and swam some more and then got ready for dinner. We decided to go to Pier Park which is a really cool place to eat and shop. We ate dinner and looked at the shops, and me and Little Adam got a Tattoo, an airbrush tattoo. But I didn't tell me mom that part, I wanted her to freak out alittle.

We walked on the beach some more, and stopped at Sharky's to listen to some karaoke and watched the kids play at the play area.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you all had a great time. I'm also glad the tattoo wasn't real :)